Watcha Reading? blog hop

Through the end of May  I’ll be participating in the Whatcha Reading? Blog Hop organized by Tracy Falbe over at I think this blog hop is an awesome idea, as it aims to stimulate conversations about books we’re all reading and enjoying (or not so much). I’ve been meaning to reread the Wheel of Time Series, since I never got to the end of it and I really want to find out how it ends 😉

I read the first ten books of the series about ten years ago, and I’ve forgotten so much of the story that I’m just not sure I’d be able to enjoy the last few books if I don’t re-read them all. Luckily I’m a pretty fast reader 😉


I’ll be starting with New Spring, which is the Prequel to the series. Al’Lan Mandragoran is one of my favorite characters in the series (go figure, the strong, silent, brooding soldier….what does that remind me of?) so it should be a treat 😉

Anyway, I hope you join me on my quest! You can also sign up to participate in the blog hop using the form below. The more the merrier!