I have been very silent on the book writing front and I apologize for that. I have not produced parts 2 and 3 of my new YA sci-fi story like I said I would, and I offered no update, for which I also apologize.

While the feedback for my new YA sci-fi series Progeny of Time was good, the sales just weren’t there, which led me to do a lot of soul searching, especially in terms of what I want out of my writing career, and how I see myself in five, ten years from now.

This took the better part of 2014, since I’m prone to procrastination and putting off solving my own problems (though I’m very fast when offering advice to others, but that’s another story ☺). In the end (and I mean that quite literally since I finally made the decision in October) I decided that I would be better off focusing on another genre, one where I think my particular strengths and talents as a writer have a better chance of shining through.

So, in the period from October – December 2014, I was busy writing, editing and publishing a contemporary romance serial. I did so under a penname, which I haven’t yet revealed, since I wanted to keep my two writing careers separate. However, if any of you would be interested in learning more about my romance books, and my new pen name, please don’t hesitate to contact me either by email (vanna.smythe@ gmail .com), or through my Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc.

That said, I do plan to go back and finish my Progeny of Time series one day, since I hate not finishing what I start. It has a great and timely premise, and I’d love to explore it fully. But right now, I’m too enmeshed in relationships, breakups and other problems plaguing my modern day characters ☺