About a week ago I had to accept the painful decision that my new dystopian book is just not yet ready for publication. For most writers, myself included, it is sometimes really hard to know if we truly told the story we wanted to tell in the books we write. This is the main reason that beta readers and editors are needed, and the feedback they offer has to be honest.

So, what happened to me was that I got a healthy dose of this honest feedback. And on the whole, all the beta readers agreed the characters and their relationships are just not there yet. Which was quite a blow to me, because it is usually the characters that I’m really good at writing. Though if I am completely honest with myself, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time in the hearts and minds of the characters as I was writing the first and second drafts. Which resulted in characters that were just not very likeable or life-like. So I’m in process of fixing that problem right now.

Anyway, what i’m trying to say is that the first book in my Progeny of Time series will not be ready until May. But once I figure this one out, I’m sure writing the next books in the series will go much faster.