The first book in my new YA Dystopian series is now with the editor, and a few beta readers. I expect to get it back late next week and start my final revisions then. Right now I’m busy with designing the cover ¬¬¬and working on the title.

So far, I have come up with the title “Found (The Progeny of Time, #1).” Any thoughts on it, do you like it/hate it? Does it sound too plain and boring?

In other news, I came across the cutest little writer’s studio and I really want one! This little writing shed/studio was designed and built by WSD Architecture for a London-based writer and illustrator. It is made primarily of cedar wood, and designed in a way that lets in lots of natural daylight. There’s even a covered front porch, which would be perfect for working on during those hot summer nights.

Most of the interior is also made of word, while that rustic, old world charm is furthered by a wall dominated by book shelves, a reclaimed Belfast sink and taps, and a small wood burning stove to keep you warm while writing. There’s just enough room for a desk and a comfy armchair, but what more do you need, really?

What I also really like about this tiny studio is the Dickens-esque setting. Can’t you just picture the old master working on his masterpiece with those drab brownstone buildings looming above him?