I’m beginning to fear that I won’t do very well in self-publishing given my overwhelming tendency towards procrastination. I have not written anything new, nor revised anything old for nearly a month. I have also been very bad about critiquing other writers works over at critiquecircle.com. My inability to get anything of consequence done has, however, lead me to start thinking, to start searching for the reasons why. Why do I find it so hard to stay on course of getting the first book of my fantasy series published in the beginning of next year. And the answers I came up with are:

1. I am afraid of taking the plunge because I am afraid that I am just not good enough
2. Because of reason no.1 I continuosly take evasive measures when it comes to finishing the book

In my case, the evasive behavior has been playing games on my new iPad and obsessing over trivial matters. To stop doing that I have now listed my priorities as regards the fulfillment of this, my most important life dream. They are:

1. Finish book 1 of Anniversary of the Veil
2. Get into social media
3. Self publish by February
4. Write book 2

No. 2 sort of overlaps the all the rest, but I did want to be clear with myself that no. 1 is my top priority. All else is useless without no.1. So now to get started…