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UPDATE: I now have enough beta readers. Thanks everyone for signing up!

I will have the second draft of Anniversary of the Veil Book 3, the third installment in my fantasy/paranormal romance series, completed by next Friday, 19 July. I am looking for beta readers to read it and give me feedback on the storyline, characters, how well the plot works, etc. The third book is more or less a stand alone book, so you will be able to follow it even if you haven’t read the first two books in the series.

At this point, I’m not looking for in depth comments, just your overall impressions, and such. I would need a pretty quick turn around for this, since I’m aiming for a late August release. Ideally I would like to get the draft back on 26 July. The draft will be about 60,000 words and I can send it to you in any ebook format (.mobi, PDF, ePub .doc,…)

Be warned that this version of the book is not yet polished, as it is still a rough draft (I do my language and style revisions last), so I am mostly looking for other writers, who are also readers, to comment and give me feedback on story structure and such. I am also happy to swap manuscripts and give you comments on yours. I do not line edit, but I can give you pretty good plotline, characterization, … feedback.

If your’re interested, please reply with a comment here, or email me at vanna. smythe @ gmail. com (please remove all the spaces before sending).