Today I have a special treat for you all: an interview with fellow fantasy writer Cat Gerlach. She is also a participant in the Magical Appreciation Tour and has been kind enough to answer a few questions about her work and experiences as an indie writer.

Interview with Cat Gerlach, author of The Witches of Greenwich

The Witches of Greenwitch by Cat Gerlach

The Witches of Greenwitch by Cat Gerlach


Hi Cat, and welcome to my blog.

Hello, Vanna. Thank you for having me.

Tell me, Cat, did you always know you wanted to be a fantasy author?

No, but I did know I enjoyed telling stories. When I was a kid (7) I
wanted to become a forester or a midwife. I stuck with that and finished
my forester-education with the highest degree I could get. Unfortunately,
I didn’t find employment. Since I had been writing on and off for years, I
decided to put more effort into it. I joined a writing course, learned
whatever there was to learn, and set out to conquer the world, I
mean to write the best books ever.

Who are your main writing influences?

1. Astrid Lindgren because she never kept her mouth shut. When she thought
someone was doing something nasty, she spoke and wrote about it. She dared
to write stories with themes many adults thought too mature for their
kids, and she influenced millions.

2. Edith Nesbit who was the first true children’s writer. She wrote books
that were not educational (like was custom at that time) but entertaining,
and her imagination is still appreciated by today’s kids.

3. Diana Wynne Jones for her imagination. No one wrote novels quite as
imaginative as she did.

If I manage to touch all three points in my own writing, I’ll consider
myself a successful author (regardless of sales-figures)

I haven’t had the pleasure of reading The Witches of Greenwitch. Tell me more about it.

It’s free (*grin*)

Seriously, the book tells the story of book-rat Melissa. A mysterious
stone magics her to the world of Greenwitch where she meets fairy tale
creatures that are not at all what she expected. Desperately, she looks
for a way home and tries to ignore her past which pops up at the most
inappropriate moments. At the same time, dangerous pursuers are at her
heels getting closer by the minute.

Where can readers find your book? Is it available on Amazon?

You can read it online or join my mailing list too keep up with my releases and
get the eBook (plus two additional short stories)

I also wrote a Young Adult Historical Fantasy called “Urchin King”. You
can get it from amazon, smashwords or any other retailer for less than 3USD.

What are your top three ways of promoting your book? What type of success
have you had with each?

Since I’m just starting out, I can’t (yet) tell you in a qualified way,
but I’ve heard that the most important thing is to keep writing. Most
experts agree that you need at least 4 books “out there” before you start
making an impact. That’s why I’m currently translating roughly 300.000
words of backlist stories from my native tongue German into English. Also,
I twitter (@CatGerlach) and seem to get along with my tweeps just fine and
I blog. Blogging is harder to do. People seem genuinely interested, but
they don’t comment as much as I’d like. For now, that’s all I can do since
I only got 1/2 day for writing and promoting. The rest of the time is
(well) spent with my family.

What advice would you like to offer beginning indie writers?

Keep writing, improve, and never publish an unpolished and un-proofread
manuscript. If you can afford it, get a professional (maybe a retired
teacher) to correct your spelling and grammar, but never ever allow anyone
to chance the heart of your story.

Thanks for stopping by, Cat.

It was my pleasure, Vanna.