Today I have the pleasure to host a fellow Magical Appreciation Tour author, Tracy Falbe. In the guest post she looks back on her writing career and offers some awesome advice to both established and aspiring authors. Let’s see what she has to say.

Reflecting on my career after writing 8 novels

By Tracy Falbe

In October 2012 I published my eighth novel Love Lost. It was the culmination of 16 years of effort. I’ve had a lot to think about since that day.

Mostly I wonder if I can write any more novels.

When I finished writing Love Lost, I felt immense relief. I could finally set down a great burden and be contented. The story that had been growing inside me for so many years was finally outside the confines of my imagination and it felt good.

My great satisfaction with the achievement made me wonder if I had finished my time as a novelist. Maybe that creative phase of my life was over. Even if I never wrote another novel it would not mean that I had failed as a writer.

I’ve already gained a success that means a lot to me and cannot be taken away. I know for certain that some people actually enjoy my stories. Online reviews and kind emails have informed me that my efforts can carry a person away into that magic domain of narrative bliss that lessens the normal concerns of the day.

One man wrote me to say that both he and his wife have read all my novels and they discuss them. Another online review by a woman mentioned that her boyfriend was miffed with her new obsession of reading my epics because it was taking time away from him. (I incited romantic jealousy!) These episodes teach me that I can succeed as an artist, at least sometimes, and it’s a humbling reward that enriches my soul.

This ability to entertain other people and provoke their thoughts and feelings is part of my motivation. I want my creative expressions to touch others.

Staggered by my responsibility to keep producing good work for my readers, I worry if I can keep doing it. Maybe I should put myself out to pasture before I embarrass myself.

Like someone driven to climb a mountain, I stood at the peak of my achievement and wondered what was next. But mountains come in ranges. There is always another peak. Perhaps not a taller one, but each ascent is uniquely challenging and the view from each summit is priceless in its own way.

I don’t want to stop. I want to see what else I can do. I want to believe that my best work is yet to be written. When I committed myself to a writing career, I made that decision based on one fact: that NOT doing it would be too hard. I knew I wanted to be a novelist when I was a little girl. And I frequently imagine myself as an old lady still puttering on a manuscript, hoping I don’t perish before it’s done.


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