Today I have a special treat for you all, a guest post from author Carolyn Brown, but from the point of view of one of her main characters: Prince Sebastian Rowan of Aidensdein. Let’s see what he has to say 😉

Prince Sebastian Rowan of Aidensdein:

Well, I believe C.M. Brown has sent me to you to speak on her behalf.  For those who don’t know, I am one of the two MC’s in her series of books called ‘The Protectors’.

In book one titled, “He Came For Me” I am sent to Earth with a small team of Protectors from the realm of Aidensdein, to watch over and guard ‘The Chosen One.’

At the time, I did not know I would fall in love with her….

Some critiques say that I am a bit of a stalker, but watching over and safe guarding my charge means some stalking is involved.  You just can’t please everyone.

I am a Protector in the first instance, but as Prince of Aidensdein, I will someday rule our Vampire realm and ensure my people prevail.  Unfortunately, for my species, we can only produce offspring through a Chosen One.  This is not usually through the way humans procreate.  We do things a little differently, something closer to the human definition of ‘vampire.’  The adult vampire who possesses the ‘Chosen One’ drains her until death!  The rich, fertile blood allows us to seed many children in our vampire women.

My dilemma is that I love Jazz, and will never allow myself to become this type of loathsome creature.  Protecting Jazz while getting to know her has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, I just need to keep her away from my cousin’s Brennan’s grasp.

Oh yeah, you may be wondering what Protectors are?

Well, you know by now we are vampires, but we are sworn to protect the ‘Chosen One’ and ensure rogue vampires from my realm and others crossing through the portal’s to gain access to Earth and her plentiful source of blood are dealt with swiftly and efficiently, allowing the human population to be completely oblivious of our existence!

We are dedicated, ruthless and highly trained warriors, put in place to keep the balance between the worlds.  Since meeting Jazz, my viewpoints on the teachings of my world, Aidensdein have changed, and I now spend a lot of time searching through the historical documents trying to find a way to make Jazz and my relationship work.

In the second book, ‘He Came For Mine,’ Jazz becomes infatuated with another man, one I know well, one I do not trust and I return to her realm to regain her love, after abandoning her with my decision to return to my world to restore order and rebuild the city of Aidensdein.  Sadly, it was burned and plundered by Brennan’s forces, when Jazz and I fled the onslaught he brought upon the city.

Our adventure takes us back to Aidensdein, where I am given the opportunity to introduce Jazz to the wonder and fantasy of my world, until an ancient enemy takes hold and threatens our very existence….

I hope this little post has enlightened your audience and I thank you Vanna, for allowing me a spot on your blog.

He Came for Mine (Protector Series, Book 2) by Carolyn Brown

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