In an effort to make my book the best I possibly can before unleashing it upon the world, I have recently joined the online writing workshop The idea is to have people read and comment on my novel, thereby spotting any problems I might have missed in the revision.

I am happy to report that, so far, the feedback I’ve gotten has been quite positive. One of my best beta readers on, Christina McKnight, even went so far as to mention my novel Protector on her blog. You can read her kind words here.

One of the main reasons why her review means so much to me, is because she is not normally a reader of fantasy. I must be doing something right, if my book is able to touch and resonate with readers outside of the fantasy genre.

P.S. If anyone reading this would like to offer their take on my novel Protector, I have set up a critique group (on where you can do so. Let me know and I’ll provide more info.

Short synopsis of my novel:

A clueless, powerful soldier accompanies loved girl, and the group sent to collect her, to the other side of a Veil separating two worlds, trying to keep her safe from priests who rule their world, and are bent on stopping them.