I’ve spent most of these previous two weeks learning what an author platform was all about. And how to build one. The details of all that are fodder for another post, but, for the purposes of this one, suffice it to say that Twitter plays a huge role in the whole thing.

At least that’s what I read in all the books on the subject of building an author platform that I have devoured.

Having always found Twitter a bit too chaotic for my taste, with all those random updates from people flying across the screen, I was a bit apprehensive about swallowing this one whole. As it turns out though, and as it is with most things: you just gotta be smart about Twitter too, y’know. TweetDeck is the name of the app that can simplify the whole Twitter experience exponentially. But that is, again, fodder for a different post.

So I embarked on building a whole new Twitter account, but with the aim of only following my target market. (And other writers, of course, since they are my people.) Within four days, I’d already made some new online friends. I was also asked to submit a story for consideration as a guest post on the blog of one of my Twitter followers-That Fantasy Blog (@thatfantasyblog).

Which brings me to the title of this post.

Obviously, I jumped at the invitation, and submitted an excerpt from my work-in-progress Protector (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 1). I was thrilled when it was selected!

The feedback on it has been equally thrilling.

So, to make this short:

1. Twitter is awesome! (And not just for promoting yourself, but also for meeting new, and very interesting, people from all over the world.)

2. Here is a link to my published piece, To Be a Protector.

UPDATE: The link works again!