Are you like me? An aspiring published, or soon-to-be published fantasy author fighting the obscurity that comes with being new?

If the answer is yes, you might consider joining the Magic Appreciation Tour. It is the brainchild of fantasy author Daniel Marvello and I think it could really make the difference in reaching a wider audience for our works of fantasy fiction. Participation is completely free!

As Daniel put it: โ€œThe Magic Appreciation Tour (MA Tour) is part blog tour, part social networking event, and part book sale. The goals are to share our audiences with each other, find new readers, meet new friends (authors and readers both) and boldly take a step toward solving the Obscurity Problem.โ€

The first tour will run from March 1 to March 31. Follow this link to find out more about what the Magic Appreciation Tour will entail, and how you can take part.

Iโ€™ve already signed up for the March 1 leg of the MA Tour. See you there!