Here I am with another update on my progress with Decision Maker (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 2). I am currently halfway done with the read-through. As I read I am also noting down in my notebook all the things I need to change, what exactly I need to change, how I need to change it to make it better, and all that stuff. By this point in the read-thru I am certain I can add at least 20 000 words to the final version with no problem. I really wrote a lean second draft 😉

I will be documenting this process on my blog also because I don’t remember exactly how I did the very final revision of Protector. But it worked really well, and I want to replicate it for all my future books.

My process with Protector went like this:

I started with the read through and noting down what I need to fix and change. Here I’m not sure if I read and fixed up each chapter right after I wrote it (fix sentences, replace some words for better ones using a thesaurus, …) I think what I did was read through it (that is, had my computer read it back to me because I don’t like hearing my own voice ;)), fixed some minor stuff, and then read though the entire book when it was done and fixed the words, the punctuation, and all of that. I’ll be doing it the same way this time and hope it works just as well.

So, what’s your final revision process? I’m interested to know.