I have sent Decision Maker second draft to my betas! So far, a late December release is still looking like it can be doable, but I will know for certain by late November. If you would like to receive an alert when I do finally release Decision Maker, please sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar or by following this link: http://eepurl.com/pjc6X. I’m offering a free gift in the form of a list of characters in the Anniversary of the Veil series and who they are to all who sign up (very handy stuff;))

So, I will now move onto Decision Maker cover design 😉 I’ll keep you all posted on that.

As for the announcements, I am participating in yet another blog hop soon (since the Alpha Male Blog Hop was such a success). This time it is all about Autumn and the Harvest. I love Autumn and most of Protector is set in this season, but I digress. If you’re a blogger or an author you can still sign up to do the hop. Details are below the list of participating bloggers and authors.

Autumn Harvest Blog Hop