Alpha Male Blog HopTha Alpha Male Blog Hop is in full swing and going really well. Thanks to everyone who visited and commented on my posts so far! Today I have a very special treat for you all: a short excerpt from Book 2 of the Anniversary of the Veil series, Decision Maker. Now, if you ask me, this sample proves beyond a doubt that Kae is an alpha, wouldn’t you agree?

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And now for that sample…

Decision Maker (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 2) Chapter 1:

“House of Troth. The name sounds so whimsical,” Issa said. “Does it have something to do with the Dreams of the Other Half?”

“You see?” Onentha said looking at Alet. Chunks of the beef she was eating flew from her mouth.

Alet ignored her as she turned to Issa. “It is an old name, from a time long ago. The House of Troth is just a place of healing, where the sick are made well again.”

Disappointment blossomed around Issa. “So my young lord will not be there to meet me?” Loving warmth oozed off Issa, mingled with her disappointment. None of it for Kae.

Who is this young lord?

Without being told to look, Kae’s Aeter saw into Issa’s thoughts, saw her memory of the Dream of the Other half. Issa stood on the beach by the Taiel sea, at the bottom of the cliffs. She was embracing a skinny, fair-haired man, the sun setting behind them. Soon we will be together, together forever. The man whispered into Issa’s ear in the vision. Issa laughed, the sound of sunlight made voice.

What is this?

Kae’s own mind screamed the question and the vision, Issa’s Dream of the Other Half, shattered, taking her precious lord with it. The red background pulsed and glowed in Kae’s mind.

Kae wanted to hit something, someone, the skinny lord Issa was hugging, wanted to beat him with his fists until blood covered his boyish face.

Why can’t it be?

No. One of them was using their Life Force to make her see this. It wasn’t real. Dreams were just dreams. She could not love a man she had never seen. And she had never met any man by the Taiel sea. Kae had been her Guardian for the past seven years. He’d be right there beside her if she ever went to meet anyone.


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