I just realized I have not even mentioned Decision Maker, which is the second book in my Anniversary of the Veil series, and part 2 of Protector, on this blog.  Given that I’ve been working on it since May, 2012 (give or take) that was a huge oversight and today is the day I will correct that.

As you may have noticed, I have now added a Decision Maker progress meter in the sidebar. (There is also a sign-up form for anyone who wishes to get updates the second I release new books.  So sign up for that, please).

Anyway, here is the plan for Decision maker:

Phase 1: First draft (done at 45 000 words) and assessment-only of what I have vs. what I have yet to do/what I still want to do.

In this phase, I am using a slightly modified How to Revise Your Novel process.  (How to Revise Your Novel is an awesome course, without which I would not yet have published anything). — I’m about 2/3 of the way done with this phase.

Phase 2: Major rewrite based on the stuff I come up with during Phase 1. After that, it’s time for my betareaders to tell me what they think. (I’m aiming to complete this phase by mid October).

Phase 3: Another edit based on betareader feedback.

Phase 4: Send manuscript off to my editor and design the cover.

Phase 5: Final polish and PUBLICATION.

I’ve tentatively set my publication date for December 19, 2012. That way it’s still in the fall (like I originally announced when I published Protector).

So, wish me luck, while I’m off to do some work 😉