Decision Maker is the second book in my Anniversary of the Veil series, and the one I’m still most proud of. It has the most action in it and the most twists, and can easily be read in a few hours. At least that’s what the reviewers said 🙂

Decision Maker (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 2)

Book description:

Kae, a warrior Protector, has followed Princess Issa across the Veil separating two worlds. They were told Issa will play a crucial role at the Anniversary of the Veil, but have been mislead! Kae will face a terrible choice once the Anniversary finally comes. He is the Decision Maker and must play his part in a ceremony that will reunite Issa with the man from her dreams, her other half – but in so doing, leave her senseless or worse, dead.

As the King fights to find his daughter, as the Priesthood is falling apart; Kae must make his choice between stopping Issa’s Joining and force her into a life of unhappiness, or allow her to Join and thereby leave her a mere shell of herself. Meanwhile friends and foes alike are showing only half-truths to both Kae and Issa, and the right choice depends entirely on who you ask. Will Kae be able to make the right choice?

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