I’m still revising at the rate of 4 chapters a day and am now up to 75 000 words of an almost finished draft of Decision Maker (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 2).

That’s the good news…

The not so good news is that this crash revision is taking a bit of a toll on me, emotionally. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to write from the point of view of as many characters as I have in my book, especially at such as a trying time in their lives as portrayed in Decision Maker.

I was pretty burnt out over the weekend, so to give myself a little treat, I re-watched the Man in the Iron Mask. For those of you not familiar with it, it’s a 1998 movie about the three musketeers, staring Leonardo DiCaprio, John Malkovich and others. It’s a bit cheesy, but one of those movies I can and will watch everytime it comes on TV. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the three musketeers 😉

The reason I decided to watch it again this weekend was a little different though. After I wrote and revised Protector (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 1), I realized that First Captain of the Protectors Entan actually resembles the character of D’Artagnan from the Man In the Iron Mask a lot. Their stories are different, and Entan has different problems and worries than D’Artagnan in the movie. The similarity is more on the emotional level of their struggle and their reactions to the problems they face.

Strange how the mind works when we create characters, right? I think we can never create a character out of nothing, each must have a basis in someone we once met, whether real or fictional. Now, let me be clear, I would never copy a character exactly form real life or anywhere else. I simply give them characteristics I know and can describe, and together these form the person who comes alive on the page. I use a lot of myself in my characters too, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I’m back to revising now, rested and ready to tackle the last few chapters!

What about you? How do you cope with revision burn-out? Are any of your characters inspired by movies or books?