Book3_Book Cover

I have now raised $70 in my Indie Go Go Campaign for Anniversary of the Veil Book 3 (link to campaign: I am completely humbled (and extremely grateful ;)) by the generosity of my fans who have contributed to making Book 3 a reality as soon as possible.

I have started planning Anniversary of the Veil, Book 3!

I am doing so following Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways course. This course is something I wanted to do since I took her How to Revise Your Novel Course, which is the one that allowed me to publish both Protector and Decision Maker. So, yeah, I owe Holly a lot ;), and I heartily recommend her courses to anyone serious about publishing their books.

Oh, and I started learning how to draw πŸ˜‰ I’m using the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain book for that and doing it in an effort to become a better writer. I’ll explain later and give some examples of my progress soon πŸ˜‰