My new YA dystopian book, The Grower’s Gift (Progeny of Time, #1), which I am currently writing is set in the near future, in a time when the environmental crisis has taken a tremendous toll on the Earth and its population. Deserts have grown to eat up whole continents, the rainforests have been reduced to a small fraction of their former size, and most of the ice in the north has melted, causing the water levels to rise and flood the coastal cities.

The rich and powerful of this new earth have built for themselves huge megacities, which are basically sprawling city states, separated from the rest of the world by shields designed to keep out the unwanted part of the population.

The unwanted are the people who live in the badlands, which are the wastelands left behind by the environmental crisis and changing weather. None are let into the cities and they are offered none of the technology, which could make life better for them. They are considered a nuisance by the rulers of the cities, but one that will be taken care of on its own eventually.

Maya is a girl who was born and raised in the badlands. But she was born with the gift to make things grow. She is certain she can save the badlands and make the deserts come to life again. If only she could learn to control and use her gift. But the only place she could do so is in one of the megacities.

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