You Are Mine by Angela Renee

You Are Mine by Angela Renee

After quite a break, I am happy to host another great author interview today. It is with sci-fi romance writer Angela Renee who recently released her debut novel, You Are Mine.  Let’s see what she has to say.

Author Interview with Sci-Fi Writer Angela Renee

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When did you first start writing and how long did it take you to finish the writing your latest novel? Is this the first book you have finished?

I started writing my debut novel, You Are Mine in the around 1997 and it took me a few months to finish. I then had it edited and sent it to agents and was given contracts by two of them, but I decided not to publish. At the time my children were into everything and I was busy being super mom and wife.

What was the biggest obstacle in getting your book published?

Time. My children are grown now and I’m further along in my career, so I can dedicate the time needed to promote my books.

Tells us a bit more about your novel? Where is it set? Who are the main characters? What is the main conflict?

Here’s a little about my debut Sci-Fi Romance novel, You Are Mine. It’s set on Earth and Darien (another planet).

In the hundreds of special assignments Erica Morgan has worked, there was nothing that prepared her for waking one morning on an alien spaceship. More surprisingly, her captor and adversary, the leader of this mission, is the one man who could make her want to leave her home planet and embrace a different life.

D’Jarus Commodore doesn’t want a wife, but his planet is slowly dying, and their salvation lies in the people of Earth. As leader of Darien, he chooses to make a sacrifice and be the first to marry a terran. His captive bride, Erica, is like no other being he has ever met. At first sight he knows he must have her, but for obvious reasons—he did kidnap her after all—she resists him every step of the way.

Which character from your novel are you most attached to and why?

D’Jarus because he is the strong, silent type. Because he is so confident, he doesn’t need to go around thumping his chest like a caveman.

Is this a part of a series or a standalone book?

This is a standalone book.

Who are your main writing influences?

I don’t really have writing influences. My favorite authors are Isaac Asimov, Sharon Shinn and Mercedes Lackey. Each have very different styles than me. My editors were more of an influence than any author. They tell me my strengths and weaknesses and give me guidance on how to improve.

What advice would you offer beginning indie writers? 

Learn the craft and the business and never stop learning and growing.

Did you always know you wanted to be a sci-fi author?

Nope. I was always a story teller. Then one day I was watching an episode of The Twilight Zone where this entire neighborhood was transported to a different planet. Next thing you know, You Are Mine, came into my mind. This story was too long to just tell to my sister (my sister and I have always told each other stories we’ve made up), so I decided to write it.

Where can readers find your book?

Buy links: Purchase the Print Version ($9.99) or the electronic version Nook, Kindle ($3.99)

Where can readers find you?




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I hope you all give You Are Mine a try. Have a great day everyone!

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