Walking with Summer Dreams by Will English

Walking with Summer Dreams by Will English

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you yet another author interview with a fellow fantasy author. Will English has written a great collection of short fantasy stories and I was very curious to find out more about it. Will’s story collection Walking with Summer Dreams can be found on Amazon, Lulu, and elsewhere. You can also learn more about Will on his blog http://thesummersleeper.blogspot.com/, while you can also befriend him on Twitter (@WillEnglish2) and Facebook. And now, on to the interview…

First of all, welcome to my blog, Will.

Thanks, Vanna. I’m glad to be here.

Was becoming a writer something you always dreamed of?

Interestingly enough, I got started with a desire to write the plots for video games, something that I still want to do at some point. When I was in middle school in 1997, I got a hold of the game Final Fantasy VII (7) for the original Sony Playstaion and the game’s plot just blew my mind in ways I hadn’t yet experienced in any other medium. I wanted to write things like that so I did. In that sense, I suppose I have always dreamed of being a writer. I decided to become a novelist after I rediscovered The Hobbit (which I only really knew from the animated movie before) and especially after I found The Lord of The Rings.

So far you have only published a short story collection. Do you have plans to write and publish a novel too?

I do. I am working on one right now…well actually I’ve been on working on it since middle school (in some form or another). I even have a short story set in the world I intend to play with in ‘Walking With Summer Dreams.’ Maybe this time I’ll actually finish a draft *laughs*.

I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your story collection. Are they standalones or do the stories follow the same character, take place in the same setting, etc?

They are all standalones. But, like the last story in the book, I might write more in the world they take place in. I dunno, depends on my mood *laughs*.

Where can readers find your work?

You can find it on either Lulu.com, the Amazon Kindle, the iBookstore, and the Nook.

What experiences have you had promoting your work. Which methods have you found to be the most successful?

….I’ll have to get back to you on that lol. I’m still trying to find that out. I’m trying my hand at spamming Twitter, Facebook and trying e-tours…now that I think about I am terrible at promoting myself *laughs*.

Who are your 3 favorite writers?

I have tons upon tons that could qualify…but if I had to play favorites: Robert Jordan, Neil Gaiman, and Frank Herbert.

Do you have any tips for other Indies?

Keep trying until people stand up and notice. Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

Excellent answers! Thanks for stopping by, Will.

Thank you for having me, Vanna.