As you may have noticed from the cool progress meter in the sidebar, I’m now over the half way point of the first draft of Anniversary of the Veil Book 3. Nowadays I tend to write shorter first drafts, since I end up adding and changing a lot in the revision, so this one might even reach 50 000 words. To put it another way, I might be done with the first draft by the end of this month 😉

The title of Book Three will most likely be Forever Husband, both because I want to stay with the title theme of the first two books and because it will have a deeper significance as per the overall storyline of the third book.

In other writing news, I am also collaborating with fifteen awesome fantasy/sci-fi/paranoraml writers in bringing you the anthology of short stories centering around an epic fantasy battle called the Battle of Ebulon. The anthology is due out this summer and will be a free read, so watch this space for more info 😉

Now I just have to figure out which of my Protectors to send, and how to keep them from getting killed as they battle the orc of Ebulon 😉