This April I have decided to take part in the very popular, annual blogging event called the A to Z Challenge. It involves blogging daily for the whole month, and I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to showcase my work as an author to a wider public.

The first blog post in the challenge must be about a topic starting with the letter A. I have chosen to write about the title of my fantasy trilogy, Anniversary of the Veil.

In the universe I created, the world is split into two by a barrier called the Veil. One thousand years before my story takes place, the Veil was lowered in a special magical ritual that involved the sacrifice of two individuals. Now, at the 1000th Anniversary of the Veil, a second such sacrifice must take place to reinforce it.

Yet many believe that the Veil has done more harm than good to the world. They will do all they can to prevent the anniversary from taking place. Others still are working very hard to make it happen. And caught in the middle of all these machinations are two kids. One is Princess Issa whose sacrifice is needed to reinforce the Veil, the other Protector Kae, who wants to keep her safe.

Here is a short excerpt from the Prologue of the first book in the series, Protector, which describes the ritual performed to create the Veil:

The First Pair raised their hands and the golden circular enclosure around the triangular pedestal slithered into place.

Their voices rang out together, filling the hall as water fills a well. “We have gathered to witness the last Joining in service to the higher good! Forced Joinings must not continue. This Joining will end them forever, and restore the natural balance to the world.”

“Catalyst, you know your task. Release now the energy of the Beacon and her Answer. Let it flow from them to you. Then guide it to seal the passage to our lands. Such is our will, and such is the will of the Hand of Fate. The Answer and Beacon will be accepted into our midst once it is done, finally returning home.”

The Catalyst, a boy barely sixteen years old, looked at the First Pair, bewildered and on the edge of tears.

The air in the room crackled as the Life Force flowed from the Answer and Beacon. An identical anguished look marred their features, turning to utter terror as they tried to run to each other but could not move. Their pain filled Rhenal as though his own.

Tears spilled from his eyes as he performed the Calling of the Mists to block out the pain. In his nervous anticipation, he’d forgotten to do so before the Joining began.

The last of the energy burst out of the Answer and Beacon. They fell to the ground, arms still outstretched towards each other. Their bodies were dead, but their life energy, their essence, was now forever joined. This Answer and this Beacon would never be parted again.

Their Life Force filled the room, intertwining below the ceiling as the Catalyst called it to him.

If the Decision Maker did not appear now, all would fail.

The air tore from a Jump. A tall, brown-haired girl stood in the center of the triangular pedestal.

“Take the energy, Decision Maker, and Don the Veil!” Rhenal yelled at her.

The expression on the Catalyst’s face changed from serenity to shock as control of the energy’s flow was wrenched away from him. The light in the room changed from the brilliant yellow of the sun to the black of darkest night. Even the shimmering glow around the First Pair dimmed and waned.

Twinkling multi-colored dots began appearing in the black. First one, then two, then ten, a hundred, a thousand, millions. They covered the black, became translucent.

The life energy was spent, the Joining completed.

The Venerated’s deception had failed.

If the Veil stood, it was not by the Taiel Sea, not around the L’Intin Palace.

The Venerated had to leave.

The Decision Maker was shaking, tears streaming down her face.

A booming voice emanated from the very walls of the hall, filled the air with a near physical presence. “You made a grievous error tonight! To sever what was meant to be whole is dangerous! There will be no balance in the world now!”

The First Pair lay prostrate on the pedestal.

Who spoke, if not them?

“Glorious Fate,” the Pair said in unison. “They have deceived us. Deceived you. The Decision Maker was used for the wrong end!”

In the center of the triangular pedestal the Decision Maker clutched her throat and fell to her knees.

“You were to direct the flow towards Blocking the Lesser’s ability to touch the Life Force!” The voice of Fate boomed at her. “You will answer for your failing!”

Life left the Decision Maker’s eyes as she toppled to the ground.

Rhenal raced from the room.

Behind him, Fate’s voice was as stone breaking, crumbling, turning to dust. “You have forced this Joining and divided the world. You must now bear the consequences. In 1,000 years, at a time when a Beacon is born without an Answer, another Decision Maker will come. Only then can your wrong be righted. These years will be your punishment, they will be long and hard and wrought with anguish. None of it undeserved.”


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