Decision Maker: Total Book Transformation in 30 Days (TM) #WABWM

by Vanna on November 10, 2012

OK, the time has come. Today I am officially starting the final revision of Decision Maker (Anniversary of the Veil, Book 2) using the Total Book Transformation in 30 days (TM) program. It’s a DVD box set of me revising my book in 30 days and it’s available to order now….no just kidding!

Seriously though, I’ve just gotten back all the comments from my betareaders and now it’s time to incorporate all of those into the final product. One of the biggest challenges I’m facing is increasing the wordcount. Decision Maker is currently only 57 000 words long, and I want to make it at least 75 000 words by the time it’s done. Storyline-wise everything is already in there, but I need to deepen some parts, describe other parts better and flesh out my characters. Wish me luck 😉

My plan is:

Day 1-3: Read through the book and note down things I think I need to change, fix and add, then organize my readers’ comments.
Day 4-30: Work through and rewrite/revise the book. I’m planning to do this at the rate of 3 or 4 chapters per day, which should allow me to stay on schedule:
Day 31: Send the manuscript to my editor! Yay!

So there it is, very simple and very doable!

I’ll be following along with Holly Lisle’s Write a Book With Me Program (#WABWM). Holly is very inspirational, not to mention the fact that I would never get this far in my writing career if I had not stumbled upon her How To Revise Your Novel course.

Anyway, I am in phase 3 of my Decision Maker schedule. I’ll update on my progress regularly from now on 😉 If you’d just like to know when I finally release it, you can sign up for my Releases and Other Updates Newsletter at

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Daniel R. Marvello November 12, 2012 at 5:26 pm

It sounds to me like you have a great plan. I think the most important thing is to just *have* a plan. 😉

I don’t know how much you like revision (some writers hate it), but I think you are at an exciting time. Getting beta reader feedback is inspiring, even when they point out problems you need to fix. When you are done, you know the story is much stronger than it was before.

Have fun, and good luck!


Vanna November 12, 2012 at 9:58 pm

Thanks! I’m not big on revision, but I know it’s this part of the writing process that will make the book what it’s supposed to be (just like it was with Protector;)). Good luck with your book too!


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