Vanna Smythe is on a quest to become a (bestselling) fantasy author.  Right now, it promises to be a dangerous quest, full of questionable, powerful magnates, laced with pitfalls of obligation, and dreams. So it is good that she does not mean to quest thus alone. To keep her company along the way, she has enlisted the help of an incredible cast of characters. For the moment, they are a confident boy who must learn many things anew, a girl who would like nothing more than to live in endless summer, four who wish things were different, and one who will do all to keep things the same.

As she travels with them, they are slowly reveling their world, and who they are, to her, challenging her to look beyond what is easy to see. These characters may be from a different time, a time long ago, a time that never was, but they could all be here today, forming a part of your inner circle of friends.

Trying to understand them better, her blog will feature an array of posts on the way of life in the Middle Ages. Vanna has lived in European cities, which have sprung from former medieval towns, for most of her life. She has visited many more such cities. Maybe this is why she feels such kinship with her cast of characters.  She hopes you will grow to love them also.

Vanna also needs your help, because a story without a reader is like mist before the sun.

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M.G. Edwards May 19, 2012 at 8:47 am

You’re won the Versatile Blogger Award, Vanna! Congratulations! With great honor comes great responsibility.


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